History is a very large part of T Squared, as T Squared Building will turn 100 years old in 2013 !


Year 2008 - October - April Tatur purchases Tini Square from Tini Family and renames it T Squared.  April became only the third owner in 95 years

Year 1992 - First Bank Minnesota celebrates 100th Anniversary - It was the city's oldest financial institution and had its beginning in the early days of this pioneer mining community of Northeastern Minnesota.  Capital in 1902 was $25,000.00...compared to 1992 - $12,728,814.27. (Although the bank had already moved on to another location, the capital amounts are interesting data).

Year 1990 - Renee Tini Prout, daughter of Vincent A. Tini inherits manager job at Tini Square

Year 1990 - Vincent A. Tini passed away

Year 1976 - Construction began on the First Bank of Minnesota.  It was completed the following year and opened for business on November 28, 1977

Year 1956 - March 5, 1956, the First National Bank became affiliated with the First Bank Stock Corporation

Year 1941 - First time the building was remodeled.  It was remodeled again in 1951, 1957 and a major reworking and expansion was done in 1959

Year 1912 - Construction began on a beautiful five story structure and was completed the next year.  This is the present T Squared building

Year 1906 - First National Bank increased its capital to $100,000.00 when it was sold to Stephen R. Kirby & Associates of Duluth

Year 1903 - The bank opened for business as the First National Bank of Virginia in January 1903 with a capital of $25,000.00

Year 1902 - December 1, 1902, the Bank of Virginia was incorporated as the First National Bank of Virginia unter the National Banking Act.

Year 1900 - Fire destroyed the Bank of Virginia. The private bank built a frame structure near the site of the present T Squared Building (Tini Square)

Year 1892 - Originally organized as the Bank of Virginia (from 1892 to 1902).  This was a private bank started by Orrin D. Kinney of Duluth and Eli Griggs of Virginia


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1920 Picture of First National Bank



1940 Photo by Charles M. Pottsmith





 First National Bank 1943 Bank Statement


Chestnut Street, Looking East - Unknown date



Black and White Photo - Date Unknown


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Learn why this historic T Squared Building was "probably the best known business building on the range".  It had been in that location since 1892, but the present structure didn't go up until 1913.  "The building has long been recognized as the "Nerve Center" of Virginia." 



First National Bank at Night

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